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SEO is truly an art form, there really are so many facets to it but when configured properly each one helps to bring about front page results. Now understanding how to achieve great results is something Aswan SEO is building its reputation on. The right SEO Company can catapult websites to the front of Search Engines – Aswan SEO can make that happen for you. We believe a well informed person makes better decisions that’s why we educate our clients with the process. From start to finish we keep you up to date with your sites progress. Your goal is placement and exposure and we want to help you achieve that. We know you’ll be satisfied when we’ve done our job properly.

Realizing many Marketing Companies claim to be experts, we understand the challenge in choosing the right place for your SEO success. That’s one of the main reasons we always show our progress with custom reports and measurable statistics. We provide expert SEO and are a reliable internet marketing company, our faith keeps us striving for excellence and that shows in our service. If you’re searching for an SEO Company with genuine integrity, commitment and dedication you’ve come to the right place. We’re able to lift your online presence and help you achieve that internet success you’ve dreamt of.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO expands your visibility in the organic search results. (Search Engine Result Pages) Its accomplished by configuring your website correctly, thus helping to rank higher in (SERPs). This drives more visitors to your site increasing conversions. In short, SEO does two things, it provides great rankings and the much needed visibility within search engines.

SE’s aim to provide users with the most relevant answers or information. Every time we use them, their algorithms choose pages most relevant to our query. And then it ranks them accordingly, displaying the most authoritative first. To deliver the right information to every user, SE’s analyze the relevancy between the search query and the content on each page. Then search engines assess importance with various factors like topic, keywords, and page authority.

Authority is measured by a website’s popularity on the Internet. Google assumes the more popular a page is the more valuable the content is to its readers. To analyze the information they use complex equations called Search Algorithms. Search Engines keep their algorithms secret from the public, but over time we’ve identified some of the factors they consider when ranking a page. These factors have now become the focus of what’s known as SEO strategy.

When it comes to SEO there are many ways to approach the task. Good placement does require a good amount of effort, and depending upon how much, will directly impact the costs associated with reaching one’s goal. Aswan SEO offers complete turnkey packages from start to finish or if your business is only in need of moderate maintenance, we can help with that too.

Strategy can only be determined after assessing your market industry, your business goals and of course your budget allowance. On average complete SEO packages can cost several thousands of dollars and if the industry is extremely competitive maintaining one’s placement adds up quickly as well.

Any SEO Expert can put together a plan, Aswan SEO really wants you to succeed, plus we know we’re capable of getting the sort of results you’re hopeful for. (Front Page Placement) The three main factors we consider during our initial analysis are your business products or services and its relation to surrounding competition. The size of the marketing area, the larger the area the greater the competition – the greater amount of effort. And finally, the amount of content that’s needed, backlinks, and number of keywords per website.

There are various ways to achieve great SEO, often websites only need a technical adjustment or some additional content and or backlinks to help improve their position. Our SEO Service offers custom turnkey solutions. We’re quick to suggest the best course of action that’ll bring about the best possible results for you.

We recommend looking at search engine optimization as part of your business model, in order to sell goods or services your business must be view-able or well known. (Hence Brand Marketing) Our Texas Based – Austin SEO Company, can put your website in-front of potential buyers and that equates to increase in overall business.

Contact us for a no cost consultation of your website SEO needs. Most campaigns require 90 days to obtain optimal results. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver great results we guarantee forward movement within Google and Bing. (but seriously, our clients get to the front)

Read more about How SEO Works on Wikipedia:

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SEO Configuration

OnSite SEO
Austin SEO Services

SEO Content Writing

OnPage SEO
Austin SEO Service

SEO LinkBuilding

Internal & External Links

1. Technical SEO – “On-Site Optimization”

The technical configuration part of SEO works by setting OnSite navigation and internal links + keeping simple URL structures. Also page speed optimizations, Server and Security requirements, Dead-link fixes and addressing broken redirects. Sitemaps and Robots.txt file creation is extremely important, plus there’s Analytics Creation, Configuration and Installation which helps with Real Time Monitoring, Performance Tracking, and The Assurance of “No Duplicate Content” on Google.

2. SEO Content – “On-Page Optimization”

On page SEO begins with Keyword Optimization and proper Post’s title Utilization:, URLs with keyword rich content, correct usage of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 Tags: (proper Keyword phrase/structure), Correctly asserting content within the first 100 words (of the first paragraph) + Properly configured: Meta-title and meta-description tags each with keyword relevance. Image file names/ALT tags: (all properly created/indexed) plus all Content Creation with relevance per page. On page SEO compilments OnSite SEO to work effectively. See for more info.

3. Internal & External Links, also known as “Linkbuilding”

Website Links, also known as backlinks, are references to your content from other sites. Every time another website mentions and points their readers to your content, you gain a back-link to your website. Google uses quantity and quality as a signal of a website’s authority. Its logic behind this is that webmasters would reference a popular and high-quality website more often than a mediocre one. Creating links is not as easy as it once was, search engines run an algorithm to ensure the links to and from any website meet their standards. (if not that website is penalized) For SEO to properly work its important to establish relevant links that carry a (read more @ Moz) High PA and DA authority.

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Responsive Designs

Aswan SEO develops responsive Wordpress websites with SEO in mind, we can design, configure and roll-out great looking sites with SEO already implemented. Contact us about your next Wordpress site and let us help you achieve the kind of brand exposure you’re hoping for.

Austin SEO Company

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SEO Service

Realizing many Marketing Companies claim to be experts, we understand the challenge in choosing the right place for your SEO success. That’s one of the main reasons we always show our progress with custom reports and measurable stats. Aswan SEO provides expert SEO and we’re a reliable internet marketing company. Our faith keeps us striving for excellence and it shows in our services. If you’re searching for an Austin SEO Company with genuine integrity, commitment and dedication you’ve come to the right place. We’re able to lift your online presence and help you achieve that internet success you’ve dreamt of. Call or contact us when you’re ready.

SEM & SEO Service

Ethical Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and Keyword Research, Strategy Configuration Implementation. We do SEO.

Local SEO Citations

We create and develop local SEO for online exposure. We utilize local citations, links and content to drive local traffic to your website.

Responsive Wordpress

We design flexible layouts. Our goal is to create websites that detect every screen size and orientation, then adapt accordingly.

SEO Pricing

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Local SEO

Starting @ $1000.00

Responsive Sites

Starting @ $500.00

Local Citations

Starting @ $200.00


Starting @ $100.00 /hr

Complete SEO Audit

Starting @ $2500.00

Content Development

Starting @ $150.00

Backlink Building

Starting @ $500.00

Brand Campaigns

Starting @ $2500.00

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